Personal Watercraft Dock – Whether you’re new to PWCs or have been on the water since childhood, you’d probably rather spend more time having fun on lakes and waterways and less time fussing with docks and launches. If that’s the case, EZ Dock has the solutions you need. Our residential-and-commercial use personal watercraft floating docks and launches make launching and docking easier than ever before for all types of jet skiers, no matter which brands PWC you use!


Whether you own a Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, WaveRunner, or other types of PWC, EZ Dock has the solutions you need to keep your watercraft high and dry. Simply push your PWC off to launch and drive up to load. Even the heaviest PWC models are no problem for the EZ Port. The EZ Port is safe, stable, and easy to use. EZ Ports® for Personal Watercraft makes loading and launching a breeze. 


Personal Watercraft Dock

EZ Dock

Which Option is Right for You?

EZ Dock knows not every jet ski floating dock is the same, and all jet skiers have different needs. That’s why we offer a variety of Personal Watercraft Dock options for you to choose from:

  • EZ Port 280: The newest PWC Port and the widest on the market with 10” additional walkway space on each side of the craft. This PWC Port makes loading and unloading effortless no matter the type of waterfront location.
  • EZ PORT MAX® 2I: With a self-adjusting design and durable materials for easy loading and offloading, it’s no wonder this is one of our most popular PWC lifts. Engineered for PWCs of up to 1700 lbs., it features naturally self-centering rollers to make driving easier than ever before.
  • EZ PORT MAX® WITH INTEGRATED BOW: Engineered for PWCs of up to 1380 lbs., this option is great for preventing overshooting every time. A higher and wider hull can accommodate a range of PWC sizes and styles.
  • EZ PORT MAX® SYSTEM: This is a great option for tight slip spaces and tandem inlines. Highly adjustable, this dock is best if you need something customizable or have multiple PWCs.


As one of the top floating dock manufacturers globally, we want to ensure PWC enthusiasts have the best PWC ports on the market. EZ Dock revolutionized docking and launching with the creation of EZ Port, the original, cutting-edge drive-on and push-off port. When you choose EZ Dock Personal Watercraft Dock, you can expect a number of distinct benefits to improve your overall experience on the water:

  • Pioneering design: Our patented design pioneered the use of multiple innovative features you won’t find with other PWC ports.
  • The ability to store multiple PWCs: EZ Dock’s modular inline system allows you to simply and efficiently store multiple PWCs.
  • Protection from damage: Our PWC ports are designed to protect your PWC from the elements and from the dock itself. The impact-resistant, low-density polyethylene will not damage your PWC’s finish, and it prevents punctures and other damage. You can also add features like bumpers and edging for additional protection.
  • The ability to keep your PWC high and dry: EZ Port protects your investment by keeping your PWC high and dry, shielding it from damage and deterioration from exposure to water, waves and wakes.
  • Easy loading, docking and launching: The understructure creates a stable walking and porting surface, helping you get on and off your PWC as easily as possible. Plus, adjustable rollers allow for effortless porting and launching.
  • Adaptability: EZ Dock is popular due to its highly customizable design. You can attach your EZ Port to any existing traditional dock or seamlessly connect your jet ski port to your EZ Dock floating dock system. Choose from a variety of dock sections, accessories and other products to make your perfect waterfront retreat.
  • Low maintenance: With EZ Dock PWC docks and launches, you don’t have to worry about splintering, rotten wood or nails popping out. Our durable, high-quality products are easy to clean and designed to last through the years with very little maintenance. That means more time enjoying the water and less time maintaining your dock.
  • Safety: EZ Dock solutions are designed with your safety in mind. The slip-resistant surface is barefoot-friendly, and it stays cooler than most docks on hot summer days. Grooves in the material sluice water from its surface so you don’t have to worry about standing pools of water. 
  • Environmentally friendly: EZ Dock products are safe for the environment, too. Our docks and launches won’t leach chemicals into the water, and they contain no environmentally harmful foam filling.