Dock Configurations. Our modular docks can be configured in unlimited ways including rectangular, L-shaped, I-shaped and T-shaped configurations, among others. Start with one of our frequently requested configurations below. All configurations can be customized as needed.

Need help? Contact us and we’ll walk you through customizing the perfect dock for your needs.


EZ Dock

Custom Floating Dock Configurations

At EZ Dock, we believe you shouldn’t get a dock close to your needs – you should get exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve created our customizable floating dock configurations to ensure you get the dock you need to make the best use of the water at your residence, vacation home, or business.

We have a responsive team that’s ready to help you get the dock you need. Our team is always standing by to help you create the dock and water area you’ve always wanted – just let us know your needs and we’ll work to create a custom solution to meet your requirements. With easy installation, it’s simple to get a dock that lets you make the most out of every minute on the water.

Our durable, weather- and rust-resistant materials keep your docks looking better for longer, with less need for maintenance. With our floating docks, you’re free to spend more time boating, swimming, fishing, or enjoying your time. Browse the selection of our most popular configurations above, and contact us to get a quote today!