Residential & Vacation Homes. EZ Dock offers quality, customizable and durable docks for vacation homes and residences. Our residential docks are modular, allowing you to create the exact watercraft management system you need – whether you’re looking for more walk-around room, an eco-friendly solution, a low-maintenance dock or a dry-docking option.


Choose from our EZ BoatPorts®EZ orts®floating docks, walkways, or the widest PWC Port on the market the EZ Port 280 to make your waterway accessible and fun to use. Our residential docks for your waterfront home or vacation home allow you to spend more time on the water because we make it easier to hop on your boat or watercraft and go.

Our docks and waterfront systems are also low-maintenance, so you won’t waste summer hours replacing planks, repainting or otherwise babysitting your dock. Since our docks are not made from wood, they also won’t rot or leach paint into the water – which is safer for you and your guests, as well as for the marine life in your water.

Our docks for lake homes make dry-docking your watercraft simple. With our easily accessible dock systems. We can make it safer for the whole family to get in the water: our systems are meant for easy-on, easy-off docking. Check out our solutions for your lake home today – if you don’t see something that suits your needs, you can work with one of our team members to create a custom solution. Contact us to find out more or to get a quote today.

For more information about all our product offerings, check out our product brochure that features completed projects, design capabilities, and more. Download now.