Are you looking for Dock Rentals? If you have a dock application where you would like to rent the dock on a temporary basis, EZ Dock can help.  We have rented docks for special events such as fishing tournaments, triathlon & swim events, boat races, concerts, or any other event where you just need access to the water.  Our docks can be used for temporary work platforms & walkways.  EZ Dock sections can be easily deployed and can be modified to meet changing needs.

We can include delivery, installation, tear down, and pick up in our pricing if you need these services. For more information call 800-864-8168 or click below. 



EZ Dock provide a professional service for all projects that are on or near the water. We can provide floating work platforms, floating walkways, access paths in wetland areas, and floating docks for accessing equipment on or in the water that needs to be serviced.

EZ Dock floating platforms can be fitted with safety railing that meets all ADA and OSHA requirements.  Most work platforms can be lifted and placed in the water, so deployment and removal can be accomplished very quickly.

Our dock rentals can include delivery, assembly, anchoring, and removal if these services are needed.  If you would prefer to install the docks using your own personnel, we can provide installation and assembly instruction to your personnel on site.

All EZ Dock products are completely environmentally friendly and will do nothing to contaminate the body of water that the docks are going in to.  Once used, they can easily be cleaned of any possible contaminants using a pressure washer.  The makes EZ Dock safe for use in public water supply lakes, environmentally sensitive areas, water towers, and water storage tanks & ponds.   The polyethylene dock sections will not rust, rot, or corrode so they can be used to provide access to water that may contain contaminants or harmful agents.

Whether it is a small platform for bridge inspection, a larger work platform for a scaffold tower or access lift, or a big dock for building works, or floating fall arrests when working on or near the water, we are able to provide a solution using one of our choices of pontoon systems.

All dock walking surfaces are very stable and are non-slip with drain grooves to prevent puddling or standing water.

Previous projects include:

  • Floating Work Platform for accessing lake aeration equipment
  • Docks used for floating platforms when doing water storage tower inspections
  • Access to underside of bridges for repairs/strengthening
  • Platform for accessing ceiling and areas over a swimming pool
  • Pool divider to separate large swimming pool into smaller areas
  • On-the-water boat shows
  • Drilling Rig Pontoon
  • Plant Floatation
  • Floating Platform for bank clearance work
  • Floating barge for lake cleanup
  • Public access docks
  • Path diversion walkways
  • Works access docks
  • Night time safe working docks
  • Fishing Tournament Docks

If you want to put it on water, we can float it!

Whether you have an event that you need to get an audience to, an event that you want to bring to an audience, or a spectacular show that you want to put on water, we can provide the platform for you to stage it.

Working with the likes of Red Bull, Dragon Boat Races, Fishing tournaments, concerts, and others, we have a depth of experience and imagination that will enable us to work with you in ensuring that the final production is as good as your original idea envisioned.

We have provided:

  • Floating Firework Platforms
  • Floating Marquees – working in conjunction with Race The Dragon
  • Floating stages – for all kinds of events
  • Floating public access for up to 12,000 people per day
  • Floating bridges that slide open to allow boat traffic to still pass-through
  • Floating advertising platforms – for signs and even cars
  • Floating offices and crew rooms – when space is limited and water is available
  • Floating security fences – for both secure areas and also as pedestrian traffic block
  • Floating camera platforms
  • Platforms for water staged games and competitions
  • Floating blue screens and TV screens.

If you can imagine it we can achieve it!

Need a larger dock for your next regatta or competition?

We can supply a cost effective solution for temporary docks for that all important weekend.

We have supplied

  • Docks for Rowing Regattas (with lowered freeboard)
  • Docks for Sailing Regattas
  • Docks for Canoe Meets
  • Triathlon entrance and exit floating platforms
  • Floating walkways for access to special places for weddings and birthdays
  • Docks for College Balls
  • Floating Docks for that very special occasion for a dinner on a lake

For a safe, stable practical solution, we can provide an answer.


Boat Dock Rentals

EZ Dock

Examples of how our floating docks could be used

Floating Bridges
Floating Walkways
Floating footpath diversions
Floating Maintenance Platform
Floating water pumps
Floating Camera Platform
Floating Stages, weddings parties, events
Floating Firework Platform
Floating Marquee
Floating Platform for swimming events
Float an Excavator
Floating Advertising
Floating Film Set

Floating Fishing Platform
Floating Platform For Bridge Maintenance
Dock Rental For Public Events
Dock Rental For Commercial Services
Working Platform for Pier and bridge maintenance
Vehicle and pedestrian bridges
Temporary floating Jetties
Excavator platform for de-silting
Tree Maintenance over canals, rivers and lakes
Floating Stages for concerts, weddings and parties
Swimming Pool Divider
Floating Platform for work over Swimming Pools