Hotel & Resort Docks. If your hotel is on the water, you can offer a lot more than rooms with a view. With the right hotel dock systems, you can give guests the convenience of a docking spot for their boats or access to water taxis and boat tours. You can also provide a great waterfront area for strolling and relaxing with walkways.


hotel & resort docks



Many top hotels and resorts in the country and around the world already have EZ Dock systems. EZ Dock is an ideal solution for resorts and hotels and one of the best investments you can make. Each innovative product offers guests an even better experience at your resort or hotel by enhancing all their favorite waterfront activities, including swimming, boating, and PWC.

Here are just a few of the advantages of adding hotel & resort docks to your waterfront locale. Our docks are:

  • Adaptable: Because EZ Dock offers a modular dock system, you can easily customize your design to design a perfect waterfront retreat. You can create boat-docking spaces for guests, expand waterways and add dock sections, PWC ports, kayak launches and more.
  • Scalable: Our solutions are also scalable. As you acquire more property or expand your business, EZ Dock allows you to expand your resort dock systems, too.
  • Safe and barefoot-friendly: With EZ Dock, there’s less risk of liability from slip and fall accidents. There are no nails or splintering wood, and the slip-resistant texture stays cooler even on hot days, making it comfortable for walking on bare feet.
  • Low maintenance: EZ Dock solutions are designed to stand the test of time with virtually no maintenance. They’re easy to clean, and you won’t have to worry about environmentally unfriendly chemicals from treated lumber getting into the local waterways. Our durable, high-quality docks allow you to spend less time on maintenance and more time catering to your guests’ needs.