If you have a home on the water, you want to make the most out of every minute of fun, whether you love swimming, boating, fishing or other activities. EZ Dock modular residential docks are completely customizable and environmentally-friendly dock solutions that let you enjoy more water fun with less maintenance.

Less Hassle and More Enjoyment from Your Residential Dock

EZ Dock residential docks, swim platforms, boat lifts, kayak, and canoe launches, and accessories are designed to help you make the most of the water at your home, cottage, vacation home or other residential property. Our lake home docks and other products can change the game for you when it comes to how you use the water.

EZ Dock products are not only innovative, but they’re also the last docks and accessories you’ll need. We installed our first dock 26 years ago and it’s still in use in the water today. We’ve designed our docks, swim platforms and other products around the concept of durability because we believe you deserve more time in the water and shouldn’t be spending precious days or weeks repairing your dock or platform, repainting it, or fretting over it.


floating docks for boats


Your Best Residental Boat Dock Investment

We’ve made sure EZ Dock is the best investment you make in your waterfront property by creating an attractive, modular, and safe dock you can count on season after season. Our custom residential docks can be tailored to your exact needs, can carry a heavy load, look attractive, and virtually never need maintenance or repainting.

The docks and platforms are slip-resistant and do not transfer heat quickly to the skin. Our docks, platforms, and other polyethylene products will not splinter or have any nails which can cause injuries, the way wooden docks sometimes do.

EZ Dock docks are even environmentally friendly. They don’t cause any chemicals to leak into the water (the way treated lumber can) and they allow the sun to filter into the water, protecting marine life. View our variety of residential dock applications today!


With EZ Dock, you get many dock section sizes and shapes to choose from. This allows you to customize the exact waterfront look you want. Choose from swim platforms, boat lifts, kayak and canoe launches, gangways, floating walkways, and accessories in order to get the docking solution you need.

Whether you want a floating dock for reading on, a lift for boating, a platform for swimming, or any other product for making the most of your water, EZ Dock can deliver the accessories and docks you want. The patented system for interlocking the components makes EZ Dock docks and other products easy to install.

EZ Dock polyethylene docks and platforms are cooler to the touch when compared with other materials, ensuring your feet stay comfortable, even in hot weather. A slip-resistant texture molded right into the docks, platforms and other products can help reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents and provides a comfortable surface for bare feet to grip. Grooves right in the dock or platform channel water away from the surface, helping you avoid puddles which can also pose a slipping risk.

If you’re looking for a safe, long-lasting, low-maintenance dock option for your waterfront property, call EZ Dock. Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss our solutions with you!