Boating Activities

Boating Activities to Enjoy With Family and Friends

With COVID-19 restrictions finally gone, people are returning to the activities they enjoyed pre-isolation. One of these activities included boating, which many enjoy with their partner, families, and friends. This outdoor thrill gives you a kind of freedom that makes you feel extremely relaxed. So, what’s your poison?  Swimming? Fishing? A leisure cruise? All these…

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Best Boat for Beginners

What’s the Best Boat for Beginners?

So, you are planning to purchase a boat. Have you thought about what features you want and what the boat will be used for? If weekend fishing trips are your poison, you will be better off with a dinghy. However, if you have other leisure activities, why not consider a cabin cruiser? It’s cheaper than…

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Boating Navigation Basics - Part 2

Boating Navigation Basics – Part 2

If you find yourself in a situation where you are coming from seaward and making a landfall, you need to be extra careful about boating navigation basics. Perhaps you have had a long journey or are anchoring for lunch. This means that you will be moving from deep water into the shallows. If you sail…

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Boating Navigation Basics - Part 1

How to Navigate a Boat – Part 1

Knowing a few boating rules can keep you safe on the water. No matter what type of boat you are captaining or what you plan to do on your boat, there are a few rules that apply to every boater. You need to know what to do when you see other boats sailing on the…

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Protect Your Valuables on a Boat

How to Protect Your Valuables on a Boat

The best time to go boating in Canada is from May till September. At this time of the year, the water temperature is too low, creating the ideal boating condition. This season is exciting for boat lovers because the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is shining warmly. Make your voyage pleasant by…

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