Best Fishing Pole

The Best Fishing Pole for Fishing Enthusiasts

Today, there are so many great fiberglass and graphite rods available on the market that even beginners can reel in a big catch. So, what’s the holdup? Why not head to a fishing store right now and get yourself a sweet rod! We get it… you are probably confused between the millions of fishing rods…

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Dock Like a Pro

Simple Rules to Dock Like a Pro

If you are new to boating, you probably are having trouble with docking your boat. It can be a little challenging to maneuver the boat when you don’t know which way to turn, how to back up, or whether to cut the engine off or not. Approaching a dock that is in a crowded marina…

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Boating Safety Tips

10 Boating Safety Tips

Boating activity soars in summer, as do boating incidents. According to a report by US Coast Guard, 767 boating fatalities occurred nationwide in 2020, which was a 25.1% increase from 2019. Yes, the statistics are sobering, but we can minimize these accidents with a bit of precaution. Boating safety is more than just about understanding…

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Tips for Kayaking Beginners

5 Tips for Kayaking Beginners

Trying kayaking for the first time can be intimidating. In reality, all sports always are when they are new to you. However, just because you need to learn the basics and fail a few times before succeeding doesn’t mean that you don’t give it a try. We would say that facing the challenge is half…

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Dock Construction Design Ideas

3 Dock Construction Design Ideas

The layout and design of the dock is the second most important thing after deciding on a constructions material, which is a topic for another post. Right now, our focus is on the aesthetics and the minor additions that give your dock a luxurious look. The best way to design a dock precisely the way…

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